Triple Glazing

What is Triple Glazing ?

Well, it’s all about the width and make up of the sealed units.

Triple glazed units are constructed using three layers of glass with two air cavities, rather than just two sheets of glass as with double glazing. Our products are all manufactured to “A” Rated specification which includes argon gas filled cavities together with  ‘Planithern Total’ heat saving glass.

The Triple glazed sealed units are wider than the standard double glazed version, expanding from 28mm all the way up to 40mm.

Benefits of Triple Glazing:

Noise reduction, heat saving and increased security.

Unwanted noise from outside is significantly reduced with the application of Triple glazing, which means that anything from the roar of an aircraft to road and traffic noise can literally be shut out. Similarly Triple glazing really helps in situations where you may need to lock the noise in, such as in a music studio or environments where you don’t want to disturb your neighbours.

With energy costs continuously rising Triple glazing further improves the thermal efficiency of our “A” Rated window and entrance door system. The windows help to keep the house warmer whilst using less energy which leads to you saving money on your energy bills.

The additional pane of glass also improves security as it’s even harder to get through three panes! Combined with our shoot-bolt locking, internal beading and additional hinge protection, Triple glazing helps take our product to the highest level of security.

If this sounds of interest to you, then just give us a call and we will be glad to help!
Rayleigh Glass Double Glazing Director Matthew Evans

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