6 Geocache Key Solutions

02nd December 2016

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6 Geocache Key Solutions You Can Try

BEFORE Pokemon Go became a “thing”, there was a different phone-based activity getting families out and about hunting – geocaching.

Very basically, it allows people to use the GPS on their mobiles to find the location of the caches, which are usually small containers holding a few items including a piece of paper to log the time and date you found it.

And there are thousands of the things all over the country and yet most people are oblivious, which is also part of the fun.

But the real craft in the activity is the caches themselves and the ingenuity in creating them. They may be hidden inside a tree stump, underneath a rock, attached by magnets to a bench or even encased in the shell of a snail.

But as well as being a fun pastime for the family, geocaching can also provide ideas for that age old problem of hiding a spare key at home in case you get locked out.

Here’s six solutions you could try:



The log – You need to find a decent-sized log and then saw it either in half or lop an end off. Then drill or carve out enough of the wood to fit in your key. You then need to pin or screw the two parts together so they can either be pulled apart and reconnected or swivel round to reveal the key.



The pipe – If you have some old pipework, you can attach your key to a bolt either by wire or inside a separate container. Even if you don’t have pipes, you can pick some up cheaply at a scrap yard (old pipes will be less conspicuous than new) and install them in an out-the-way spot in the garden.



The plant – Storing a spare key under a plant pot is an old tradition. But what about inside a plant? You can buy these hollowed-out geocache hiders or work up your own plastic plant. Hidden among the real flora in your garden will disguise it further.



The snail – While, of course, we don’t suggest you kill a snail for its shell, if you happen to find one in your garden this can make a cunning disguise. You can simply glue a pill bottle containing your key to the bottom and then bury in the mud in a flowerbed.



The rock – Exactly the same method as the snail – pill pot stuck to the bottom – will allow you to place a rock anywhere outside your home to hide your key.




The poo – This solution isn’t for everyone. After all, who wants to appear to constantly have dog poo in their garden or outside their house? But you can carve a slot on the bottom of your prank poo to conceal your key or buy special geocaching poop with the container built in. Happy hiding.

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