Recycled Windows Greenhouse

03rd December 2016

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IT is always great to see imaginative ways to recycle and this greenhouse is just so clever.




This guy decided to build a greenhouse for his garden out of old windows and a few extras he bought cheaply online to complete the project.


He started out by drawing up a plan using some software online and then carefully planned the windows he needed, the layout and the other materials essential in the construction process.


He also had to consider where to locate the greenhouse and the angle of the main wall to get the most sun – especially in the winter months.


The gentleman – Kirk Lewellen – then built the frame of the greenhouse with timber from his local hardware store and prepared the doors and trim pieces for installation.


He held the windows in place using screws and silicone caulk – opting to paint the frames white before putting in the glazing.

Kirk used corrugated sheets to aid the insulation as well as installing a flagstone flooring in his greenhouse.


The result was a greenhouse perfect for his needs and unlike any his neighbours may have installed.


You can check out Kirk’s full post on how he built the greenhouse, including more pictures, over at Instructables.

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