How secure is your home?

With a significant increase in violent burglaries over the last few years, it has become even more important to ensure your home is as secure as possible. With patio doors, bi-fold doors, or any large area of glass - burglars could enter your home in seconds... Watch our video below for a demonstration...

Did You Know That Most Burglaries Happen In Minutes?

With one swift blow of a hammer regular toughened safety glass smashes into thousands of small pieces allowing burglars to quickly gain entry to a property. Virtually all houses in the UK have toughened safety glass installed as standard, as although it's five times the strength of regular glass, safety glass is designed to break into safe pieces to avoid cuts or injury when it is broken.

With RG Secure Glass, it comes almost impossible for a burglar to simply 'walk through the door'... And with prices starting at just £100's not £1000's - it's more affordable than you may think... Get yours now, call us on 01702 523233 or click here to enquire online

Which Houses Are The Most Vulnerable?

Burglars are targeting properties with patio doors and large panes of glass to quickly and effortlessly to gain entry, it really does take only a matter of seconds which is a very scary thought.

What Can You Do To Increase The Security Of Your Property?

Thankfully it is quite easy and cost effective to make your home much more secure by simply upgrading the glass in the windows and doors in vulnerable locations to RG secure Glass.

What is RG Secure Glass & How Will It Protect My Home?

RG Secure Glass is a blend of glass bonded together with a secure laminate, so it holds together in the event of damage. This means, unlike toughened glass which is designed to break quickly and safely, it’s not only incredibly hard to get through but it’s extremely safe too.

There is no need to replace the doors or windows that you already have as RG secure glass can be manufactured quickly and easily installed to replace the existing glass, this also helps to keep the cost down, making upgrading your home’s security more affordable than you first thought.

Home security is not something that should be ignored but an upgrade in glazing is a major improvement that can be easily achieved. For more information on RG Secure Glass and a free security assessment of your windows and doors fill in the form below