Slum House Wins Award !

01st December 2016

Bifold Door Installers

IT’S not often that a house in a Brazilian slum is named Building Of The Year in an awards ceremony, but it’s clear to see why this one has hit the spotlight.

It all started in 2011 when a young man reached out to a group of architects about designing a house for his poor mother, whose house was blighted by severe structural and sanitary issues.


Of course, the option of selling up was on the table. But the house was worth very little and moving to a better area would’ve meant moving away from her family and work.

So the architects came up with a clever alternative that would solve the problems with the house without creating other financial issues for the family.


As work began on the property in  Vila Matilde, an outlying neighbourhood in São Paulo, the ageing occupant moved in with family.

That allowed builders to demolish the existing structure, while ensuring surrounding properties were not damaged by strengthening the foundations and retaining walls.


Then the building work took place; an open and uncomplicated build that included a living room, lavatory, kitchen and laundry area.

But the pièce de résistance came in the centre courtyard, surrounded by a wonderful glazed wall to bring natural light into the house and allow a tranquil view into the small garden.


The architects described it as a “simple solution as a result of a complex and gratifying process”. And no doubt the owner was just as delighted with her new award-winning home.

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